Cambridge Street Pastors run 'NightLite' a drop-in, safe-space in the center of Cambridge every Saturday night from 10:00 pm - 04:00 am.

Come and see us, we're looking forward to welcoming you.  You will find us at Hobbs Pavilion on Parker's Piece, next to the Thai restaurant.
On the night you can contact us on: 07906 954 970 (more details here)



There are all kinds of reasons why people come in to see us.. NIghtlite jpeg
  • Waiting
    • A place to wait for a taxi or relative
    • To meet friends if separated
  • Listening
    • A place to talk without judgement or action
    • Can offer pastoral support or sign-posting
  • Recovery
    • A place to lie down & sleep it off
    • Or wait while others do
  • Facilities
    • Feel free to come in and use the loo
  • Just...
    • to pass the time with a cup of tea
Thank you so much, so helpful and so kind - couldn't have coped without you.  Appreciate it, thank you so much.J, A & V - July 2017
Thank you so much for your tea and flip-flops.S - September 2017